THE GAA GAAS: ‘Close Your Eyes.’

The Gaa Gaa's - drumI mentioned a few weeks ago that this was on its way. It doesn’t disappoint, either musically or visually.

If you don’t love this, no offense, but you’re probably looking at the wrong blog.

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SPIRAL VORTEX - logo - 200SPIRAL VORTEX, a psych / rock group from the small, rural town of Huelquen, situated about 40 miles south east of Santiago, continue their rise to global appreciation when they appear at this year’s SXSW festival in Texas.

Of course, Loud Horizon has been a big supporter of the band from long before their star began to rise. Regrettably, I could not make it to last year’s Liverpool Psych Fest, where the band made their first UK appearance, but hopefully it won’t be too long before European promoters pick up on these guys and we have more opportunity to sample their music first hand.

SPIRAL VORTEX - November 2015

(‘Loop Sand’ is taken from the band’s first album, ‘Cimatica.)

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THE BULLS: ‘Small Problems.’

THE BULLSLos Angeles based THE BULLS, have released a video to compliment the title track of their latest EP. Essentially the band of Anna Bulbrook (The Airborne Toxic Event) and Marc Sallis (The Duke Spirit and more importantly, ex-editor of Artrocker Magazine) the duo have been making a big impression with their brand of shoegaze / psych / rock.

I’ve not got a heck of a lot to write, so best I just crack on and show you the excellent footage.

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SCRAMBLED LIMBS - logoSCRAMBLED LIMBS is the solo project of Sam Rodwell, erstwhile guitarist with Huddersfield psych rockers, Termite, and the Leeds based jam collective, Inky Milk.

With modern musical influences such as Australian behemoths, Pond, together with the likes of Soft Machine and Love from the good ol’ days, you can expect some big chunky riffs and the odd, weird, off kilter time signatures.

And this is what you get with, ‘Vacherin,’ the debut EP from SCRAMBLED LIMBS. Let’s just say it’s not quite your conventional pop song type. Thank goodness.

I admit, it did take a couple of listens, but I reckon that’s a great sign. ‘Instant’ songs often have a tendency to become rather sickening or boring quite quickly. Songs like ‘Vacherin‘ tend to keep giving a lot longer, with each subsequent listen bringing something new and fresh that the listener had previously missed. Scambled Limbs

I don’t know there’s a lot more I can say at this stage, other than Sam plays, records, mixes, promotes, makes the tea, everything, by himself.

Fair do’s.

(The ‘Vacherin‘ EP is available to download here from Friday 19th February.)

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We say ‘Hi! – YOU SAY PARTY return with new album.

Just a few brief words for my good friends from Vancouver, YOU SAY PARTYYOU SAY PARTY - new album 2016

Recent years have seen the four remaining members (Becky Ninkovic, Stephen O’Shea, Krista Loewen and Derek Adam) experience the poles of emotion. In 2010, drummer Devon Clifford died suddenly whilst on stage, and although the band undertook a UK tour some time after, with Al Boyle on drums, the loss of their dear friend proved too much and the band entered a period of of hiatus.

Now though, six years after Devon’s passing and a time span that has also seen Derek getting married and the birth of Becky and Stephen’s daughter, the band are back with a new, eponymous album.

My limited edition white vinyl copy arrived today – release day. And I must say, I’m well chuffed, both with my purchase and the fact that the band have returned so strongly from a turbulent period in their musical career.

The album sees the band take a totally different direction. Whereas their earlier work was often described as ‘spiky,’ this album is more like a warm, cosy, comfort blanket.

I’ve only played the album a couple of times, but to me it sounds like a sort of dreamgaze / drone / krautrock hybrid. Perhaps that has something to do with the band remaining a four-piece and deploying a drum machine rather than employing a drummer; perhaps it’s a feeling of melancholy at missing their friend ( I believe the side one track ‘Friend’ is a tribute / homage) or perhaps it’s simply a band that has been together for twelve years, and friends long before that, maturing in age, experience and sound.

Whatever, YOU SAY PARTY can do now wrong for me. Becky’s haunting vocals soar and mingle with the backing and the harmonies with Krista work wonderfully. My intial favourite tracks would have to be ‘Sleepyhead,’ which I understand was inspired by band members overhearing Becky singing her daughter to sleep, and the closing track, ‘Heading In The Direction Of The Rising Sun.’ This is one heck of an epic and atmospheric track.

Sure, there will probably be some of their old fans that won’t take to this change in direction. But equally, I’m sure they find a whole new raft of fans.

It’s just a shame that, at the moment at least, the band has no plans to return to touring. So – get a hold of your copy of this album, crack open a beer, sit back and play loud. And often.

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The Gaa Gaa's - drumIt’s now over six years  since I first reported on the Brighton / London based psych rockers, The Gaa Gaas, both here on LOUD HORIZON and also in Artrocker Magazine. They fast became one of my favourite bands of the time and it seemed that they could do no wrong.

But they did. Big time.

To say they ‘lost their way,’ would be a gross understatement. For several years, all went quiet, save for the entertaining, but sometimes quite alarming Facebook posts from vocalist / guitarist, Gavin Tate.

Gavin takes up the story:

“Since the 2010 release of our debut single ‘Voltaire,’ the band has survived a rather turbulent time that encompassed battles with record labels and the more serious issue of band members being imprisoned for drug importation. This obviously led to the cancellation of planned European tours and further releases.”

“But we’ve given ourselves a shake, and there’s no more of that rubbish.”

“We’ve again recruited our former keyboard player, Peter Haas, and along with Jamey Exton on bass and Stewart Brown on drums, we’re raring to go again. Our new single ‘Close Your Eyes,‘ is set for release on 29th February on our own ‘Movement-2 Records’ label, and our debut album will follow. I know – it’s been a long time coming!”

The single is a controversial message inspired by recent catastrophic happenings in Syria, and evidences a kind of hard hitting, old school punk sensibility whilst still retaining that trademark Gaa Gaas fuzzed-up distortion. It’s backed with the Cure-esque (‘Seventeen Seconds’) track, ‘Indian Giver.’ Both tracks can be listened to below, together with the track that kicked things off, before things really kicked off, for the Gaa Gaas, the excellent ‘Voltaire.’

A video, directed by the acclaimed director of Versace adverts, Boldizsar CR, will be unleashed shortly to coincide with the official release of the single.

They have the sounds; they have the contacts; they have the style. They have also learnt the lessons of their past and The Gaa Gaas are keen to make up for lost time.

Watch out!

(A split single cassette, with Krautrockers, Vagus, will  also be released, on Bubble Brain Records in the Spring, and will feature an alternative version of ‘Indian Giver.’)

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LOUD HORIZON IS BACK ….. well, sort of.

LOUD HORIZON Banner for BandcampAs the site seems to still attract readers despite there being no new content for well over a year, I’ve decided to partially resurrect the blog.

There will now be intermittent posts, as and when I have time and while I welcome new submissions, please bear in mind that I cannot at this time guarantee a review or mention.



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