VITNE: ‘Encephalon.’

Vitne has been making music of the melodic rock / symphonic kind since 2013. Incorporating influences such as 80s Glam, Power Metal and Japanese visual kei, his music appeals to to audiences across the planet and has been used as soundtrack to video games. Vitne (which in his native language means ‘witness’) comes from Norway,… Continue Reading

WILMETTE: ‘Anxious Body.’

Well – that’s a relief! There I was, sweating over what suburban Chicago band Wilmette would think if I mentioned they sounded like a band born too late – and I then read on their Facebook biography that ‘ … they aim to bring back the 2010-esque angstiness and raw energy that made pop-punk what… Continue Reading

PLUVIAM: ‘Searching.’

What began as a musical experiment some eighteen months ago has resulted in the blossoming of Pluviam – an exciting young band now making their mark in the underground music scene of Birmingham. Eighteen months ago, singer James Riley and drummer Mike Tabone joined forces and dabbled with mixing their various personal musical influences which… Continue Reading

FATHERS’ DAY JAM: Buckethead.

Different! I like ‘different.’ Buckethead is most certainly that. Not only does Brian Patrick Carroll wear an expressionless white face mask and a KFC bucket on his head during performances, he has released an unbelievable 300+ albums! To be honest, I was very sceptical when I read this in Wikipedia. I mean, that site while… Continue Reading