Ladies W.C.

(Cover from the band’s one and only album release.)

Track # A1 on the album: ‘People.’

I’ve found details on the formation of this band quite sketchy, but here’s what I believe to be the background. In 1965, Venezuelan born American, bass player Stephen Scott and drummer Mario Seijas were founder members of the Caracas high school garage band, Homer & The Dont’s. They built a considerable local following and released two albums, that same year, the second of which, ‘Shindig‘, was liberally sprinkled with covers of popular beat songs from the time and included songs of The Rolling Stones, Carl Perkins and Chuck Berry.

They also released a 7″ single in 1968, ‘Tu No Iras‘ after which the band folded.

Also in 1965 Caracas, guitarist / vocalist Abid Castsa led the beat combo, Los Claners. They produced an album a year in 1965, ’66 & ’67. The first two, like Homer & The Dont’s, were very much beat era centred, but the third and final album, ‘Los Claners – Vol 3’ took a more psychedelic / garage turn.

One single followed in 1968, after which Abid Casta joined forces with Stephen Scott and Mario Seijas to form Ladies W.C. Mario’s brother Jaime also added further guitar and organ. (Yeah, it’s a pretty weird name for a band – I believe it has something to do with early radio censorship regarding reference to ladies loos, and the term ‘water closet’ having to be used!)

The album is a great mix of Sixties psych and blues, blending fuzzed up and bluesy guitar with some excellent harmonica work from Stephen. Complimenting that, there are a couple of more laid back numbers with psychedelic and folk infused undertones, such as ‘To Walk on Water,‘ and ‘The Time of Hope is Gone.

Although several bootlegs exist, at one point, original copies of this album became one of the most sought after in the world – perhaps as much for it being one of the first albums to be pressed on translucent coloured vinyl as anything else.

It has now been repressed / reissued on both vinyl (limited and numbered) as well as CD.

This was the only released recorded output from the band, and Stephen Scott returned to USA, later recording with South Carolina band Speed Limit 35.

Track #A4 from the album: ‘Heaven’s Coming Up.’

Track #A5 from the album: ‘And Everywhere I See The Shadow Of That Life.’

Track #B1 from the album: ‘Searching For A Meeting Place.’

Track #B3 from the album: ‘Time Of Hope Has Gone.’

Track #B4 from the album: ‘W.C. Blues.’


Stephen Scott – Harmonica / Bass / Vocals
Adib Costa – Guitar / Organ / Vocals
Jaime Seijas – Guitar / Organ / Vocals
Mario Seijas – Drums / Percussion

Ladies W.C.LP1968SouvenirOriginal pressing has been sold on Discogs for £902

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